Miracle Thaw


Thaw Easy Defrost Tray


No electricity

No chemicals

No batteries

No Microwave


Until now you had two choices for thawing foods. Either in the microwave or on the counter top. Microwave thawing wont bring your food back to its original freshness and sometime ruin food by leaving tough dry edges and loosing natural juices and taste.

The alternative was to leave it on the counter top all day. This option is not highly recommended or very safe. Guidelines suggest raw meat is kept refrigerated or frozen until you are ready to cook it.


The new, safe and most convenient method of defrosting is Miracle Thaw. Miracle Thaw is guaranteed to thaw food naturally and perfectly every time.


The secret is the super conductive metal the tray is made from. It absorbs natural heat and energy in the air and then releases it directly into the food, resulting in deliciously moist food full of natural juices for maximum flavour.


Quick to clean and easy to store. Measures 35x20cm



UK delivery included






We sometimes get people in Australia ordering Miracle Thaws. As the product is sturdy we can send them Down Under. It is an extra £6 for delivery.






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